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Americas True History of Religious Tolerance | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine

Waldseemüller map is the first map to include ...

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Americas True History of Religious Tolerance | History & Archaeology | Smithsonian Magazine.From the earliest arrival of Europeans on America’s shores, religion has often been a cudgel, used to discriminate, suppress and even kill the foreign, the “heretic” and the “unbeliever”—including the “heathen” natives already here. Moreover, while it is true that the vast majority of early-generation Americans were Christian, the pitched battles between various Protestant sects and, more explosively, between Protestants and Catholics, present an unavoidable contradiction to the widely held notion that America is a “Christian nation.”

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I Am Muslim, A View

A Human being who respect & expect the same in return

Agree??? Then walk with me Smile


I am not a moderate Muslim….
I am not a liberal Muslim…
I am not an extremist Muslim…
I dont even know what is shia, sunni, hanfi, deubandi, salafi, sufi, wahabi…
I dont even know whether I'm black or white???
Nor I know syed, Afghan, Turk, Arab, Europian or African…

All I know is…

"I am a Muslim"

I like to wear a cap, sport beard, offer my namaz, stay away from interest, immodesty and alcohol…….

and I condemn all the violence and injustice whosoever does it.

I condemn 9/11
I condemn killing of millions of Iraqis
I condemn killing of people in London Bombings.

But I also " Dare " to condemn…

Economic Terrorism of Capitalist/imperialist and totalitarian powers…
I condemn torture, occupation and killing of
Thousands of children, women and civilians in.
Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, chechnia, Daghistan, Busnia, Somalia, Lebnon.

I condemn suppression of Masses and their human rights violations in
Pakistan, saudia, India, china, Burma, North korea, Russia, Balkan….

I condemn all suppressive monarchies and corrupt regimes.
I condemn the double standards of 'Democratic west' towards Muslims.
I condemn the unjust actions of so called Muslim states
towards its people and especially minorities.

I condemn killing of innocent Indians in Mumbai
I condemn killing of innocent Kashmiiri muslims
I condemn expulsion of Kashmiri pandits
I condemn expulsion of Palestinians from their Lands.

I condemn the human rights violations in EVERY Part of Pakistan
irrespective of elasticities, color and Language.
I condemn the Anglo-American imperialist empire
for their inflicted miseries upon this world.
I condemn the double standards of Media and press.
I condemn the distortion of history, personalities and facts by few sick mind ppl…

Islam liberated me through Tawheed (monotheism)
Islam freed me from fear…
Fear of losing ur health,looks, wealth.
Fear of dieing, Tyranny & humiliation
Islam freed me from racism, fascism & inequality…

Islam taught me to value human life…
Islam taught me human rights…
Islam taught me self-accountability…
Islam taught me to be nice to others…
Islam taught me to be generous…
Islam taught me to be patient…

Islam taught me to be just…
Islam taught me to fight for my right…
Islam taught me to be a reciprocal thinker…
Islam taught me to combat propaganda…
Islam taught me to be unbiased…

Islam taught me to Respect!!!
Islam taught me to to serve my elders & parents even if they are irritating and rude…
Islam taught me to be honest in my job
Islam taught me to be honest in my dealings…
Islam taught me to respect women…
Islam taught me to shed my arrogance & ego
Islam taught me to obey the rules of Allah!!!

Islam has given meaning to my true being…


Islam is my identity!!!

I'm only a Muslim & and I am proud to be a Muslim!!! ALHUMDOLILLA

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Apostle images from 4th century found under street in Italy | Science | The Guardian

A spotlight illuminates the icon of the apostle John discovered with other paintings in the St Tecla catacomb in Rome. Photograph: Pier Paolo Cito/AP
Archaeologists exploring a Christian catacomb under a residential Roman street have unearthed the earliest known images of the apostles Andrew and John.

Using a newly developed laser to burn away centuries of calcium deposits without damaging the paintings beneath, the team found the late 4th-century images in the richly decorated tomb of a Roman noblewoman.

“John’s young face is familiar, but this is the most youthful portrayal of Andrew ever seen, very different from the old man with grey hair and wrinkles we know from medieval painting,” said project leader Barbara Mazzei.

Discovered in the 1950s and as yet unseen by the public, the St Tecla catacomb is accessed through the unmarked basement door of a drab office building, beyond which dim corridors packed with burial spots wind off through damp tufa stone.

The catacomb is close to the basilica of St Paul’s Outside the Walls, where bones discovered in a sarcophagus have been dated to the first or second century and attributed to St Paul.

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The Flotilla and the Exodus – A Soldier’s Mother – Blogs – Israel National News

The Flotilla and the Exodus – A Soldier’s Mother – Blogs – Israel National News

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