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Ellen Wilson: First Lady to Influence Public Policy

Ellen Wilson
Ellen Wilson Courtesy of Library of Congress
Championing a Cause
Championing a specific project or cause is a common way for a first lady to influence public policy. Ellen Wilson’s public activism was the first to result in legislation. The first lady visited alley homes and lobbied for passage of a bill to eliminate slum dwellings in Washington alleyways. Congress passed the Alley Dwelling Bill, or “Mrs. Wilson’s Bill,” just before her death in 1914.

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The town that made Margaret Thatcher | Politics | The Observer

It was 30 years ago next month that a grocer’s daughter from Grantham walked into 10 Downing Street and shook Britain to its core. Now 83, and long gone from power, Britons remain fiercely divided over the reign of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. As the free-market economy she championed comes unstuck, we returned to Grantham to seek clues to her roots and her legacy

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