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Much of what I am about to say will offend you in one way or another. For this I am sorry. I am simply taking an opportunity to express my particular set of beliefs and my viewpoint. You dont have to agree with me, but if you are unable to accept any criticism of your religious beliefs, I suggest that you dont read what I have to say. Pax et Bonum.

For many years now I have fought to maintain some semblance of faith while struggling with doubt on the existence of God and with the particular doctrine and dogma that I grew up with. By every definition of the word, I am an Apostate. Almost a decade ago I refuted my belief in the brand of Christianity that I was born into. For a time I even denied the existence of God completely. But my own conscience would not let me stay this way, so I attempted to find a religion that best suited me. I went to a Synagogue, I went to a Mosque, I went to Buddhist meditations, I even tried some not so well known faiths that I will not discuss any further. To make a long story short, I did not find anything that led me to believe that any other faith (or lack of faith) was any better or held more truth than Christianity. So, over the past 9 months I have slowly come back towards a faith that I once renounced. But I am still angry, I still doubt, and I still do not accept a literal translation of the Bible. So, even though I proclaim myself a christian, in most christians eyes I am nothing more than a heretic and doubter.

via Meus Violatus Fidem (4).

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By: Mackie Dalton Smith

July 21, 2011 - Posted by | Philosophy, religion |

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