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The 3rd Opium War | Opinion | The Moscow Times

Can you imagine a state where the main drug dealer also serves as health minister, where a drug that irreversibly damages a person’s brain and leads to certain death within two years is sold over the counter in pharmacies, and where any attempt to prohibit the sale of that drug is blocked by the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service?

It may be interesting to study the example of Russia, where desomorphine, commonly known by its street name “crocodile,” has become a huge hit among drug users.

Crocodile use has risen threefold in Russia since 2007. According to Yevgeny Roizman, author of “City Without Drugs,” about 15 percent of the drug addicts he has met are using crocodile. The Federal Drug Control Service puts the figure closer to 25 percent.

From the first day that addicts start using crocodile, their bodies literally rot away. They are typically covered with horrible sores, have gaps in their mouths where their teeth have fallen out, and the few teeth that remain are yellow and riddled with holes.

via The 3rd Opium War | Opinion | The Moscow Times.

April 20, 2011 - Posted by | global

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