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Queen marks accession day with church visit | UK news |



About 200 people today gathered to watch the Queen arrive at a church service on the 59th anniversary of her accession to the throne.

The Queen chatted to wellwishers and accepted flowers from children after attending the service at the St Peter and St Paul church in West Newton, Norfolk, with the Duke of Edinburgh.

Security was tight, with more than 20 police officers keeping a close eye on crowds gathered outside the church.

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have spent Christmas and the new year in the royal residence at nearby Sandringham. They are due to return to Buckingham Palace in London tomorrow.

George VI, the Queen’s father, died in his sleep while staying at Sandringham early on 6 February 1952.

She was crowned at a coronation ceremony in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953.

Royal gun salutes are usually fired around the country on accession day. This year, they will be fired at noon tomorrow because accession day has fallen on a Sunday.

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Epilepsy Blamed For Chopin’s Dark Hallucinations : Shots – Health News Blog : NPR



The prolific musician and composer Frederic Chopin was a giant of the Romantic Era, known for writing passionate pieces for the piano. But the Polish-born Chopin was afflicted by mysterious health problems, including vivid hallucinations.

In Chopin’s day, friends attributed these episodes to the composer’s creative genius.

But Spanish researchers say this week in the journal Medical Humanities they may have a better diagnosis: temporal lobe epilepsy.

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How to Set Up a Super Bowl Pool |



Set Up a Super Bowl Pool

There’s nothing like a friendly little you-pick-the-score game to liven up the office during Super Bowl week. This pool, built around a simple visual chart, calls for no skill or knowledge of the game (although the winner may deny that).

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EDITORIAL: The next Mideast war – Washington Times



The Obama administration is pressing a reset button to return the Middle East to the bad old days of open Arab-Israeli warfare. The White House is requiring participation of the Muslim Brotherhood in any prospective new Egyptian government, while the brothers themselves are telling their countrymen to “prepare for war.” The current crisis in Egypt and the Obama administration’s maladroit response are forcing strategists to consider conflict scenarios that had been mothballed since the�1970s.�

The Camp David Accords have formed the bedrock of U.S. security policy in the Mideast region since they were signed in 1978. The strategic logic behind the accords was that no coalition of Arab states could have a chance of waging a successful conventional conflict against Israel without including powerful Egypt. Subtracting Cairo from the equation would mean no new Arab-Israeli�wars.

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