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My Love of Old Westerns

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Western Movies - Movie Posters 

Image by Thomas Duchnicki via Flickr

The Encore channel has two western stations that stay on my big screen. I can’t watch enough of these great old films.

Times were tough back then, but things were a lot simpler.Men were real men, they had no time to be self centered. The women also had no time for themselves, just their families.

Neighbors were real neighbors, always there for you no matter what. So much better than today in my opinion.

All the old shows share such moral standards we rarely see in many films today. Also, the beauty of the characters shined through so clearly.Not only the clear physical beauty of the women but the integrity of the people were most portrayed by the directors of the day.

I love watching these pictures over and over. It makes an escape for me somehow from the day to day concerns of our state of  life.

I realize the troubles they had back then, but still feel, if reincarnation could bring me back, I certainly would like to be in the 19th century, if only for a while.

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