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The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water

Atlanta, GA,Tucson, AZ,Orlando, FL,Las Vegas, NV,Fort Worth, TX,Fort Worth, TX,San Antonio, Texas,Phoenix, AZ,Houston, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

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The Ten Biggest American Cities That Are Running Out Of Water

The water problem is worse than most people realize, particularly in several large cities which are occasionally low on water now and almost certainly face  shortfalls  in a few years. This is particularly true if the change in global weather patterns substantially alters rainfall amounts in some areas of the US.

24/7 Wall St. looked at an October, 2010 report on water risk by environmental research and sustainability group, Ceres. We also considered a comprehensive July, 2010 report from the National Resources Defense Council which mapped areas at high risk of water shortage conflict. 24/7 Wall St also did its own analysis of water supply and consumption in America’s largest cities, and focused on the thirty largest metropolitan areas. One goal was to identify potential conflicts in  regions which might have disputed rights over large supplies of water and the battles that could arise from these disputes.  And, 24/7 Wall St. examined geographic areas which have already been plagued by drought and water shortages off and on.

The analysis allowed us to choose ten cities which are likely to face severe shortages in the relatively near-term future. Some of these are likely to be obvious to the reader. The area around Los Angeles was once too dry to sustain the population of a huge city. But, infrastructure was built that allowed water to be pumped in from east of the region. Las Vegas had similar problems. It was part of a great desert until Lake Meade was created by the Hoover dam built on the Colorado river.




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Heavenly illumination: The science and magic of stained glass | Andy Connelly | Science |

Stained glass window made by Stanisław Wyspiań...

Image via Wikipedia Church of St. Francis 1869 Krakow Poland

Heavenly illumination: The science and magic of stained glass | Andy Connelly | Science |

via Heavenly illumination: The science and magic of stained glass | Andy Connelly | Science |

I often find peacefulness in a soaring stone church, a cool open place to sit and contemplate. The giant trunk-like pillars and the gentle play of the light cast through the stained glass create a shaded garden of stone and multicoloured light.

Stained glass windows are never static. In the course of the day they are animated by changing light, their patterns wandering across the floor, inviting your thoughts to wander with them. They were essential to the fabric of ancient churches, illuminating the building and the people within, both literally and spiritually. Images and scenes leaded together into windows shed light on the central drama of Christian salvation. They allowed the light of God into the church.

The history of stained glass dates back to the middle ages and is an often underestimated technical and artistic achievement.

Glass itself is one of the fruits of the art of fire. It is a fusion of the Earth’s rocks: a mixture of sand (silicon oxide), soda (sodium oxide) and lime (calcium oxide) melted at high temperatures. Glass is an enabling material used for more than just drinking vessels and windows. It also allows scientists to observe distant stars and the smallest biological cells, and colourful chemical reactions in test tubes.

The history of glass

The earliest evidence of human interaction with glass was the discovery of flaked obsidian tools and arrow heads dating from more than 200,000 years ago. Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed when hot volcanic lava is rapidly cooled.

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U.S. wants own aircraft carrier in the Thames Estuary during Olympics

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U.S. wants own aircraft carrier in the Thames Estuary during Olympics

The White House has offered to send a U.S. aircraft carrier to be stationed off the British coast and boost security during the London Olympics, Ministry of Defence sources claimed last night.

The suggestion is said to have been rejected by No10 because it would make the UK look ‘weak’. And last night Downing Street was silent on the claim.

But a well-placed source, with knowledge of international discussions about security for the 2012 Games, said the MoD had been offered a U.S. carrier, based in the Thames Estuary, to help defend the skies over London and eavesdrop on any terrorist ‘chatter’.

It is believed the Americans offered a 40,000-ton Wasp class amphibious assault ship, which carries up to 40 Sea Knight helicopters for the ship-to-shore ferrying of marines and equipment, as well as up to 20 Harrier II attack aircraft. It boasts a formidable battery of missiles capable of shooting down airliners in the event of an attempt to copy the 9/11 atrocities.

Offer: The White House wants to send a U.S. aircraft carrier to be stationed off the British coast and boost security during the London Olympics

Offer: The White House wants to send a U.S. aircraft carrier to be stationed off the British coast and boost security during the London Olympics

If the Olympics were the object of a terrorist attack U.S. special forces could launch operations from the ship to airlift American citizens to safety.

The source said the ‘main motivation’ for the offer was felt to have been American self-interest.

In the past the Olympics have been a target for terrorists. In 1972 Israeli athletes were massacred at the Munich Games.

‘This idea was raised by the Americans over the summer,’ said the source. ‘The MoD put it up the chain and word came straight back from No10 – “No thanks, we don’t need the help”.’

The claim comes at a sensitive time for Britain’s Armed Forces. Cuts announced by David Cameron in the Defence Review this month will lead to the axing of our Harrier jump jets and the decommissioning of the Ark Royal carrier.

That means that no British planes will be available to fly from our sole aircraft carrier, Illustrious, in 2012.

Discussions about security at the London Games are already well-advanced, involving extensive liaison between Scotland Yard, the military and the major intelligence services – MI6, the CIA and Mossad.

The London Olympic Park under construction

The London Olympic Park in east London is currently under construction. If the Games were the object of a terrorist attack U.S. special forces could launch operations from the ship to airlift American citizens to safety

Last night an MoD spokesman said that plans were being drawn up for a naval vessel to offer ‘aerial defence’ in the Thames Estuary during the Games, but it was likely to be a British ship.

He said: ‘We haven’t made final decisions yet. There are a lot of options available, including Special Forces. But we are certainly capable of protecting ourselves. The Royal Navy can provide a Type 45 destroyer for aerial defence.’

Under current plans, one of the Navy’s three Type 45 destroyers – likely to be HMS Dauntless, which will come into service next year – would be moored in the estuary. It will be armed with the Principal Anti-Air Missile System, said to be capable of tracking and destroying a moving target the size of a cricket ball at a distance of 19 miles.



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gulfnews : Story of a rare spice

Picture taken at a Indian spice store

Image via Wikipedia

gulfnews : Story of a rare spice.

via gulfnews : Story of a rare spice.

But the old apothecaries were more cautious with nutmeg than with other spices. The Salerno School decreed: “One nut is good for you, the second will do you harm, the third will kill you.” That isn’t strictly true but in large doses nutmeg can be intoxicating. Its oil contains myristicin: in large doses this acts as a deliriant, while causing palpitations, convulsions, nausea, dehydration and pain. It is fatal to a number of animals, including dogs.

The Dutch, who had time to get to know nutmeg, add it to most of their vegetable dishes. It is also popular in Quebec. The spice is popular in historical spheres of Moorish influence but not, oddly, in India.

In England, nutmegs are essential to the spiced foods of Christmas, to custard tarts and to the mealy, stodgy brood of national puddings. It has an affinity with cinnamon and can often take its place. It is lovely in mashed potato.

Of course, the spice is almost universally available today. Jars on supermarket shelves don’t begin to hint at its past. But the story of food can sometimes be the story of humanity, and nowhere does that seem more true than in the case of nutmeg, the headiest, most alluring, most blood-soaked of the spices.

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Pajamas Media » You Just Might Be a Marxist

Karl Marx (1818 – 1883)

Image via Wikipedia. Karl Marx 1818-1883

Pajamas Media » You Just Might Be a Marxist.The first is the notion that what people “need” is an objective rather than subjective notion, which can be determined by benevolent third parties. After all, if one is going to reorder society and redistribute wealth, it is only “fair” that people be allowed to get what they “need” before depriving them of anything beyond that to satisfy the “needs” of others. This concept is exemplified by the famous phrase: “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability.”

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The 99: the Islamic superheroes getting into bed with Batman | Books | The Observer

The 99: the Islamic superheroes getting into bed with Batman | Books | The Observer.

Even if you deliberately set out to try to dream up the least probable superhero ever, it’s unlikely that you’d manage to come up with a character as far-fetched as Batina the Hidden. Forget Wonder Worm, or a man born with the powers of a newt, Batina is a superhero of a kind the world hasn’t until now seen. It’s not just that she’s a Muslim woman, from a country best known for harbouring al-Qaida operatives – Yemen – but that she wears an altogether new kind of super-person costume: a burqa.

She, along with her fellow crime-fighters, a vast team of characters from around the world, including Jabbar the Powerful from Saudi Arabia and Hadya the Guide from London, collectively known as “The 99”, are the world’s first Islam-inspired superheroes. And this week, in what is perhaps the ultimate comic-book accolade, they will join forces with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. DC Comics, the US publishinggiant, will publish the first of six special crossover issues in which The 99 will be fighting crime alongside the Justice League of America, the fictional superhero team that includes Superman and Batman.

What’s even more remarkable is that The 99 only came into being in 2007 with some remarkable firsts: the first comic book superheroes to have Muslim names and be directed at an international audience and the first to come out of the Middle East. Crossovers don’t happen often and even less often with characters that are just three years old. Even The 99’s creator and mastermind, a Kuwaiti-born, American-educated psychologist and entrepreneur called Naif al-Mutawa, seems to be having some trouble believing the Superman link-up.


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How Did Humans React to Cimate Change 6,000 Years Ago?

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Baffin-Island-scenic Since 2004, University of Buffalo anthropologist Ezra Zubrow has worked with teams of scientists at prehistoric sites in the Arctic regions of St. James Bay, Quebec, northern Finland and Kamchatka to understand how humans living 4,000 to 6,000 years ago reacted to climate changes.

How Did Humans React to Cimate Change 6,000 Years Ago?

“The circumpolar north is widely seen as an observatory for changing relations between human societies and their environment,” Zubrow explains, “and analysis of data gathered from all phases of the study eventually will enable more effective collaboration between today’s social, natural and medical sciences as they begin to devise adequate responses to the global warming the world faces today.”

This study, which will collect a vast array of archaeological and paleoenvironmental data, began with the Social Change and the Environment in Nordic Prehistory Project (SCENOP), a major international research study by scientists from the U.S., Canada and Europe of prehistoric sites in Northern Quebec and Finland.


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Simon & Garfunkel “Bridge over troubled water”

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Simon & Garfunkel "Bridge over troubled water"
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Friling – Karolina Petrova & das blaue Einhorn

Friling (Springtime), is one of the most beautiful yiddish tangos, originating in a tragic story from the WWII. It was written by Shmerke Kaczerginski (1908-1954) after the death of his wife Barbara in the Vilna ghetto and set to a lyric tango melody by Avrom Brudno (?-1943).

Ich blondsche in geto fun gessl zu gessl
Un ken nit gefinen kejn ort;
Nito is majn liber, wi trogt man ariber?
Mentschn, o sagt chotsch a wort.
Es lajcht ojf majn hejm izt der himl der blojer
Wass-ssche hob ich izt derfun?
Ich sc
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