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The Value of Work


At the time of Holy Prophet, there was a man who was very poor and unemployed. As he was without resources or income, he lived and his family often without meals. One day his wife told him: “Why do not you go to the Holy Prophet asked him to help us?”

The man got up and went to the Prophet. However, before uttering a single word, the Prophet was quick to remark: “If anyone asks my help, surely will help him. But if you work hard, Allah will make him independent of using any other person “. When the man heard these words, he had not the courage to ask for help. So he lifted silently and went home.

The next day he returned to the Prophet, but before submitting its application, the Prophet repeated the same sentence. Again, the man went home without saying a word.

When he returned from the Prophet on the third day, it still gave the same words. Again, the man departed silently. But this time, he stayed at home. Instead of going home, he went to the house of a friend to empruinter an ax and he went to the wood.

In the wood he cut branches from trees and made a bundle. He sold the bundle of wood in the market and went home after buying food.

Throughout the day he was cutting and selling more and more wood. Finally, he saved some money. Thanks to Allah, he bought two camels and other items necessary for work.

One day he visited the Prophet and recounted his story from beginning to end. After listening to him, the Prophet said: “Did I not repeatedly said that anyone who asks me for help, but surely I will help if the man works hard Allah makes it independent help from anyone? “

When Islam enjoins its followers to help the needy and the poor, he simultaneously blames the lazy and indolent. The above incident shows that it is necessary for us to help the person who deserves our help, but it is indecent to do nothing and rely on others.

It is suitable for a man to gain his life as much as possible through its own efforts so that it does not become a burden to others.


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