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ABC’s Amanpour Jabs Bush: Relations with Muslim World ‘Devastatingly Damaged Over the Previous Eight Years’

It’s one thing to acknowledge that the Muslim world has had a negative reaction to America’s war effort in Afghanistan and Iraq, but, when one starts referring to “the previous eight years” before the Obama administration, it starts to sound like partisan Democratic talking points. As ABC’s Christiane Amanpour appeared on Sunday’s Good Morning America to discuss President Obama’s predicament regarding his speech on the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, Amanpour at one point recounted that relations with the Muslim world had suffered during the “previous eight years” before Obama became President.

After host John Berman queried as to “how is this playing in the Muslim world,” Amanpour in her response asserted: “But clearly President Obama from the very beginning went out of his way to try to repair relations with the Islamic world which had been so devastatingly damaged over the previous eight years.”

The war in Afghanistan was only seven years old when Obama took office, so her “previous eight years” crack could only be interpreted as a direct reference to the Bush presidency rather than just the war.


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