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Readying the Ruh for Ramadan-By Hina Khan-Mukhtar

When the days of fasting begin, house and garden will no longer be my focus, insha’Allah. Aside from the necessary meals, the kitchen will take a back seat on my list of priorities. I hope to immerse myself in prayer and remembrance. I don’t want anything to distract me from the loftiness of the upcoming month, however, so I am trying to “set myself up for success” now. A scholar once advised that we should treat Ramadan like an “honored guest” and prepare for its arrival with proper planning so that we can benefit from its blessed presence once it is with us.

It is my sincere wish that when my children grow up to one day run their own households, insha’Allah, they will see Ramadan as a time not only for cleansing the body, the soul, and the mind…but for cleansing the long-forgotten recesses of the home as well. With the world around us in tidy order, the spirit feels better prepared to turn in complete focus on the worship of our Lord. May He grant us all success in our endeavors to please Him and allow us to live simple, clean lives that free up our time to do what is most important — remember Him.  Ameen.



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