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“Qur’an is really a movement. It is a most dynamic reality and not at all a static thing. That means once we get into the Qur’an, we need to get into it fully and we need to keep going. We need to go from one stage of personal commitment and development to another and we need to take the Qur’an from one individual to another, from one group to another and from one place to another.

That means we need to increase our familiarity with the Qur’an. We need to read it more and understand it better. We need to strengthen our belief in the Qur’an. And we need to see it clearly as Allah’s immortal word in our own mortal hands.

For, it is the only visible, concrete and authentic connection we have to Allah today. It is our only true pathway to the world of “Ghaib” – the unseen part of existence.

All this means we need to work hard – and on a continuing basis – to strengthen our relationship with the Qur’an.

That means we need to start reading it more. Memorizing what we can of it. And then we need to start working on understanding it. And then we need to start figuring out ways of practicing it, both (a) individually and (b) socially.

For the overall improvement and betterment of ourselves and our society and the entire world – right here in this world and in the next world.” (Dr.Pasha)


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