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Washington Post What Does the MSA Intend?

What exactly does the Muslim Students Association stand for? Can we take the stated intent of the group at face value, or is there something more sinister behind the MSA?
In May, there was an interesting and disturbing exchange between members of the MSA and writer David Horowitz at the University of California at San Diego. (It was caught on tape and can be viewed online.) Mr. Horowitz was there to counter the MSA’s Israeli Apartheid Week. Given that the MSA members at such rallies have a tendency to display signs that are favorable to Adolf Hitler and Nazism, it’s no wonder Mr. Horowitz felt the need to hold a counterpoint discussion.
During his speech, a Muslim woman wearing a kafiya stood up and challenged the assertions of ties between the MSA and al Qaeda, Hezbollah and other terrorist groups. Mr. Horowitz asked her if she would denounce Hamas, which she refused to do. Next he asked her whether she was for or against Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah’s statement that all Jews should gather in Israel so they would be easier for Hezbollah to hunt down, and she answered, “For it.”
What is going on on our college and university campuses? How can any school or the media remain silent in the face of this sort of event? Is our government aware of the danger posed by the MSA, which serves as a potential fifth column of anti-Semitic, genocidal and terrorist support? If so, what does it plan to do about it?
Royal Oak, Mich.


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