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Spare Our Children

As adults we have grown through our experiences, teachings and life’s  turmoil. Our character and morals grew through our years of  living each day. We have founded our beliefs with wisdom and knowledge. All our views have become a part of us.

I have many wishes for peace throughout our lands. My prayers are for all people. I hope someday to see all man put aside differences.

I have one request. That is, that all children are taught peace, love, understanding, fairness, temperance and most of all a faith to sustain them  through their lives.

Please don’t teach our children prejudice,hatred, intolerance, propaganda driven views or injustice.These children are the ones who will someday make our world a place for peace not war. They are the people our countries will be run by in the future. Let’s teach them well. Peace.

Our Future


July 11, 2010 - Posted by | culture, freedom, religion, social

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