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Restoration of Synagogue in Beirut

The only synagogue in Beirut is expected to be clean and shining by October, according to 67-year-old Isaac Arazi, after decades of disuse.

The Maghen Abraham Synagogue, located in Beirut's ancient Jewish quarter, Wadi Abou Jmil, is still being restored, with expenses thus far reaching as high as $700,000. The final cost is expected to reach some $1.2 million, much of which has come from Jewish ex-pats abroad. Christians and Muslims have also contributed to the project.When the restoration is completed, the chapel will include seating for 600 men and 300 women. Religious items, such as a Torah, prayer books and other necessities, will be brought from Turkey and Syria, Arazi said. He hopes to appoint a rabbi familiar with Middle Eastern and North African Sephardic Jewish traditions, possibly someone from Yemen, Egypt or Turkey.

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