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Nothing makes me teary eyed like the sights and sounds of vets, young and old, talking about their service to our country. I believe I learned to love America at a very young age. I always loved saying the pledge of elegance in school. Seeing our service men and women come home to smiles, hugs, flags waving and cheers is always heartwarming. However, I well remember watching on television, as a young person, our Vietnam vets get off the airplanes on strechers, in wheelchairs, walking arm and arm with each other trying to stand tall, with no cheers or smiles or hugs. As a matter of fact the only people at the airport to greet them were the reporters and possibly a city official. No flags flying, no music playing, no families running to greet them. Even as a child, I knew this was wrong. The men coming home to families ashamed to tell others their son or brother was a Vietnam vet must have been unbaerable to these still very young men. Even after all these years, The visions of broken and crippled men stumbling off that plane haunts me. On this very proud fourth of July, let’s remember all our Veterans and welcome those home who were blessed to return. And may God keep all those near who we can’t welcome home.


July 4, 2010 - Posted by | history, war

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