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Fascination of the 16th Century

I have had a fascination with the 16th century since college. I intertwined my studies to include 16th century British literature, 16th century philosophers,Baroque and renaissance art, classical music from that period and western civilization as well as medieval history. I certainly find our past to be a guide to the future. If you read our infamous writers in detail, you will find much they talked about to be true today to some extent, which I find amazing. It’s almost as if they had a crystal ball in that era to see in the future. Our history tells of wars, triumphs, tragedy and love of country and man. Today we can use what they left us to conform our world for the better if we try. It all sounds so simple, but not so in reality. Our world will always have a history even when we are gone.Those that come after us, I’m sure will find our century fascinating too.

Developing era


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