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1934 First Electric Traction Unit Locomotive.


First Electric Locomotive

The collaboration between Raymond Loewy and the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) was a fruitful one. The PRR was, for several years, the biggest railroad company in the USA, controlling, at its peak, more than 16 000 Km (10 000 miles) of rail line and employing over 250 000 workers. It has been said that the president of PRR at the time was considered more powerful than the country’s president himself. In 1934, the company built a locomotive that would become the touchstone for locomotives worldwide – the GG1, a two-way electric traction unit, that was to become a model followed by many other locomotives still in use today. Contrary to popular belief, the GG1 was not designed by Loewy. His contribution came later on, when he suggested the use of a smooth, welded construction instead of riveted assembly, in order to streamline its shape and construction. This would prove to be the begining of an amazing ride.

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Muli County, Southwest China’s Province: Beauty

Undated file photo shows the scenery of Muli County, southwest China's Sichuan Province.

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