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Donovan Papers 1949: First Paper Diapers.

Jordan Grant and Kelly Gannon developed a play highlighting Margaret Knight’s invention process and patent infringement case, a landmark lawsuit for women inventors. James Nelson and Erin Molloy dug into theMarion O’Brien Donovan Papers, 1949-1996, to explore her solution to the problems of cloth diapers and rubber baby pants common to the 1940s. Although she lived generations later than Margaret Knight, Donovan encountered plenty of similarly gender-based stereotypes; women didn’t do science and technology. Donovan became her own best marketer, and her “Boater” diaper flew off department-store shelves. Both Donovan and Knight became prolific inventors in their time.

Development of Paper Diapers


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  1. Marion Donovan displays a package of Boaters in 1951, on the day she sold the rights to her diaper cover invention to Keko Corporation for $1 million.

    Comment by dmacc502 | June 24, 2010 | Reply

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